Dad, son, and mom signing papers at a meeting to buy new home

March 6th, 2024

Are You Ready to Buy a House?

Chances are, buying a new home might be one of the largest purchases you ever make — at least one of the most important ones. So, let’s do it right and make sure you’re ready for this new adventure. Here are just a few signs that you’re in a good position to buy.

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1. Financial Stability

Being financially stable is certainly unique for every family. But generally, you know where your next paycheck is coming from and have a positive history with paying off debt. However, the payments don’t end once you’ve closed and moved in. You’ll need to be prepared to pay the mortgage, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and other associated fees. Things also come up unexpectedly like appliance repairs, so keep money in your back pocket for those instances, too!

2. Done with Renting

Some people love it, some people hate it. Typically, you reach a point in life after years of apartment hopping, that you decide it’s about time to call it quits with rent and own the place you live. Buying a house is a big financial move, but unlike renting you build equity in the property — which is beneficial in the long run. Additionally, you won’t be restrained to a landlord for household maintenance, and will have the freedom to change things around the house to truly make it your own.

Man looking at wall. Arrow right = rent, arrow left=buy
Dad, mom, daughter and son outside home next to red sold sign

3. Time to Settle Down

People might have different definitions of what it means to “settle down.” Maybe you’re ready to get married and have kids. Or maybe you just want a safe and steady place to return home to everyday. Whatever it means to you, we hope you find the right home that makes you want to get comfortable and stay awhile. Better yet, a house that supports growth over the years and is associated with all the fond memories you’ll make.

Well, what do you think? Are you ready to buy your dream home? Contact our Team at Edgewater to embark on this exciting journey. Experience best in class amenities, serene outdoor spaces, friendly neighbors, and one-of-a-kind homes built to make you happy.

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