A scenic view of a wooden bridge crossing a calm body of water with algae patches. The foreground has tall grass and reeds, while the background features lush green trees and a clear blue sky with a few clouds, showcasing what to look for throughout the home buying process in Edgewater's best features.

January 29, 2024

What To Look For Throughout The Home Buying Process: Discover Edgewater’s Best Features

Home Sweet Home at Edgewater We know the decision to move out of one home and into another can be difficult for some and filled with many important factors to consider – that’s why assisting your family in a seamless home buying experience is a priority of ours. Nestled in the heart of Fate, Edgewater presents a family-friendly atmosphere and a sense of belonging, making it the perfect community for homebuyers to find their dream home. This blog will take you through some things to think about as you choose your ideal destination to soon call home. All the Amenities Your living space should extend outside the boundaries of your home and offer plenty of opportunities to support a dynamic lifestyle. At Edgewater, we want to foster an environment with multiple spaces to connect with family, friends, and neighbors. Our top tier amenities, including a luxurious pool, stretches of green space, playgrounds, pocket parks, and walking trails, will surely check off a box on your list of must-haves! Schools and Safety When preparing to move, finding not only a safe area to reside in, but great schools for your kids to attend, is one of the highest priorities for homebuyers. Edgewater is proud to be among the communities that belong to the prestigious Rockwall ISD. Known for its continual A-Rating and honorable reputation, Rockwall ISD is sure to deliver children an unparalleled education all the way from K-12. Edgewater students will attend Sharon Shannon Elementary, Herman E. Utely Middle, and Rockwall-Heath High School. The district is home to advanced academic programs, dedication to special education, champion athletics, distinguished fine arts and a wide variety of extracurricular activities at your fingertips. Homeowners in Edgewater can rest assured that they will be moving to an overall safe area to both live and thrive. The Fate Department of Public Safety is committed to citizens’ safety by providing around-the-clock service from all divisions. Our Fate Public Safety Officers value everyone’s well-being and aim to make your family comfortable where you live. Location, location, location! Many homebuyers struggle to find that “best of both worlds” feeling when it comes to location and proximity to the nearest city. We think Edgewater has met the perfect criteria. Along with its hometown charm and natural lifestyle brought on by the nearby Lake Ray Hubbard, Fate is still just a short drive down the highway from Dallas, offering much appreciated convenience as well as separation. Being close to the big city and others like Garland, Heath and Rockwall lends a helping hand to those who are or will be commuting to work. This location is also suited for exploring the area’s best spots for dining, shopping, and recreation. New to the Neighborhood Aside from all the work and attention that goes into finding the perfect home, you also want to feel confident that your family has moved into an inviting community with a welcoming atmosphere. When you plan your visit to Edgewater, be sure to ask your sales counselor about community-wide events or exciting things to do around the local area. Getting out and about is the first step to engaging with your neighbors, and there will be plenty of opportunities to do so! Our focus is not just on building your dream home, but also on building that sense of belonging homeowners cherish. Here at Edgewater, we have no doubt that we’ll make a lasting impression throughout the home buying process. We are proud to build homes that result in years of happiness, growth, and lifelong memories. Contact Edgewater Today!